Healing Astral Group Meditation

Sunday, December 22nd, 2019, 5pm-7pm

Let’s disconnect from the outer world and go inward into an awareness that is clearing our energy from any issues that are not letting you move forward. Use this unique tailored healing session to create a new shift in your life.  We’ll connect to a field of information that governs many modalities including healing and receiving in order to start the process of healing physically, mentally, emotionally and genetically.

Most people live day to day moved by their stress hormones, in a constant survival mode without even realizing that. So much of our suffering comes from our separation from Source and each other and from suppressed emotions. Emotions we hold are connected to memories, and those memories are causing pain that lingers in the body and forming of a dis-ease or a dis-connection. By discovering and establishing lasting, relationships with the healer within and the astral planet we can start to find the healing we seek.

In the healing guided meditation, you will go from a sympathetic state into your parasympathetic state which is the relaxation mode in your body.

I will combine shamanic practices that involves spiritual healing to connect you back to your soul, back to your sense of purpose in order to receive healing and let go of any issues that is suppressed.


If you;

  • In the need of clarity.
  • Want to release and clear any emotional issues or pain.
  • Want to surrender and experience full body/mind relaxation.
  • Feel you are in a disconnection from your soul.
  • Lost a loved one.
  • Lost your spark.
  • Living in a survival or a fear mode.
  • OR simply wish to become more spiritual.
  • Experience a new sense of well-being
  • Brain and heart will function more coherently.
  • Begin to feel more whole.
  • Experience more oneness and wholeness by connecting to the field of astral consciousness.
  • Feel connected to something greater than yourself.
  • Absorb level of information and gifts that exist beyond space and time.
  • The inner work you do through this healing meditationwill connect you and get your closer to the future you desire.
  • Explore a new way of spiritual communication.
  • Discover how you can make lifestyle changes that support a healthy practice.
  • Gain wisdom to help you adapt to the changes in your life and make the lifestyle shifts needed.
  • Open up to tour natural powers of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, as you slow down, focus and allow yourself to connect with its powerful energies.
  • Expand your limited perceptions, learn to let go of judgement, raise your consciousness.
  • Receive personal healing and clearing.


Cost: 6000¥

Location: Hiroo

Please book in advance as limited space is available. What to bring to the session and further details will be sent via email upon booking.

Session conducted by: Shlomit Ben Shachar- Wellness expert, Holistic Practitioner & Energy Healer.


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