To kick start your wellness journey, Here are 11 quick and wise principles I live by for a healthier and happier life;




Have breakfast. Don’t skip breakfast. I mean it, DO NOT skip breakfast. Protein-fueled breakfast will keep you sharp & energized throughout the day without the craving for junk-food and sugary converted carbs. I understand for those who are used to eating bread and croissants for breakfast it might be hard to change, but in slowly shifting to a healthier protein-fat-veggie combo breakfast your life-brain connection will literally change.  Ideas for protein: wild fish, grass fed meat, free range eggs, organic beans and legumes and so on.





 I eat everything healthy. I don’t choose any particular style of eating as long as it’s 100% nourishing to my body on every level. I eat consciously and humanely raised animals that have been given the respect as living beings.  I even make sure if it was fed only natural and organic feed and ask how it was raised and make sure it was having a good life. I fearlessly ask questions. I will never eat protein coming from a place of suffering. As a holistic practitioner and shaman, I know energy is transferred. An animal that has suffered wouldn’t nourish you and the pain it suffered would cause you discomfort (spiritually and physically). When I eat, I give thanks to the animal’s life and bless it while I am eating. I know it’s a bit ‘woo-woo’ but we are all energy and we are all connected.




I personally do not believe in dieting, never did and never will. The first 3 letters of dieting is DIE, yes, it’s death for your soul as you deprive yourself from food. Food is joy for your body and soul.  I truly believe in removing un-nourishing inflammatory foods from your list of likes and adding nourishing healing foods into your list of I-love-my-body-so-much-that-I-want-to-thrive. Besides, for those who tried dieting they know it doesn’t work. It typically ends up with the dieter going crazy and rate-eating later on.





I always make sure I have healthy snacks at home. Most are homemade quick recipes or fruits, nuts and seeds. It’s always great to have something to reach for if you are craving sweets and need that ‘pick-me-up’ snack. This way you are making sure that you won’t go for the junk-food once your blood sugar goes down and you rush to reach for something. And we all know we are not in the mood for making something healthy once we are already in the mode of ‘get-out-of-my-way-I-need-my-boost’.





We are consisted of roughly 65% water (and stardust debris to those who like to feel they are unicorns!).  Make sure you hydrate throughout the day for optimum hydration and ultimate glow! Your water should at least be filtered and for those who can splurge- go for spring water. Aim for 2 liters a day, start with a cup in the morning upon rising (30min before food). Tap water has chlorine not-to-mention bacteria and pathogens. Skip the tap water in restaurants who don’t use filtration system. Don’t be shy to ask your server, as it should be basic rule for a restaurant kitchen to have. 





Sleep is a big one! Probably this is one of the issue that many people struggle with. It could be a million things that are causing insomnia and just sleep disturbance in general. The main big issues nowadays are blue light (screen time) and EMF (electro-magnetic frequency). Cut that significantly and you will see your sleep improving. Sleep is the best anti-aging treatment (not expensive cosmetic products!).  It will reduce your stress and allow your body to detox through the night, which is what it should naturally do. When you sleep the body needs to reset, the EMF + Blue light are disturbing the body’s sleep cycle and melatonin production (sleep hormone). I never sleep with my phone in the bedroom. It’s on flight mode in another room. We disconnect our WIFI before we go to sleep as those waves are a disturbance. 




“I don’t have time for this!”- I get it, we are all busy. And it’s not what you think… Movement could be getting off a train/bus stop before your actual stop and walking the rest of the way. Taking the stairs instead of an elevator. This type of movement… Yoga- doesn’t have to be an hour long if you don’t have time. It could be stretching at home for 20 minutes. Do something that resonates with you without minding any trends. You like walking; so, walk. You like dancing; go dancing. You like biking; bike! It doesn’t have to be hard, expensive and complicated. The hard-core training sometimes causing more harm than good if your body isn’t healthy. Train ‘your style’ and listen to your body as it will give you feedback.




 Self-care doesn’t have to be a vacation in the Maldives. Simply put it’s really about self-love. It’s loving your body in a way that you want it to flourish and blossom like a beautiful flower. It could be as simple as treating yourself to a nice quiet dinner-date with yourself or going for a nature walk. Book that healing-session you always knew you could benefit from or book a trip to see someone you love. Self-care is all about the things you wanted to do that could expand your heart and soul but always made an excuse that “it’s not the right time” or “I’m too stressed with work”. Take care of you first and you can take care of everyone around you better. 




 I cut negativity completely from my life on all aspects; physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s something I live by without exception. Literally everything that is causing me harm or discomfort (and of course, not the things for the purpose of expanding or self-growth and you can tell the difference by the energy it brings with it). Once you do that, you allow new vibration to flow and new good vibes will replace the old ones which did not serve you anyway. Happy vibes will lift you up and negative vibe will sink you down and make sure you stay down. Now which one would you pick.





You don’t have to be a monk in the Himalayas to practice mindfulness. For those who can never shut the chatter in their brain during meditation and can’t sit still I say- Just sit quiet or just do something you love quietly without using thoughts and over-analyzing. It could be cooking but focusing on each food you chop, it could be just putting scented aroma and closing your eyes while sitting for 5 minutes. Combining it with deep mindful breathing and focusing on your breath, imagining how your lungs process the air and how grateful you are for this simple action of breathing. This is all it takes. Mindfulness just means to mind your thoughts and pause them. Just let your brain take a vacation for few minutes. Try it! I assure you the benefits will be worth it.

Life isn’t always perfect. As I always say, if it was all perfect we wouldn’t have to be here in the school called earth going through the experiences we encounter. We are here to learn, expand and evolve into better beings and engage in helping others take similar path into a better life. A life that causes you to love and feel fulfilled. Just do the best you can.  As you nourish yourself mentally, physically and spiritually you are more open to elevate higher and do the same for others along your path.