Shlomit Yaish Ben-Shachar is a wellness expert and lifestyle coordinator providing professional functional and integrative nutrition with holistic coaching services

Shlomit is both a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach, specializing in diets ranging from vegan/vegetarian to paleo and gluten free that optimize digestion and microbiome health. Her innovative concepts and ideas are customized to deliver creative and bespoke solutions to anyone ranging from individual clients to corporate and non-profit organizations. Some of her projects include producing hospitality platforms such as Elle café Aoyama store and publicly speaking at platforms such as ELLE Women in Society event. 

The field of health and wellness is shifting and ever-changing. Her ideas and practices reflect this and continually evolve as she expands her knowledge by researching new nutrition, beauty and health studies. She doesn’t believe in following conventional nutritional dogma purely for the sake of it; she believes in learning and absorbing from all techniques, theories, research, case studies as well as personal & client experiences- this translates to helping many to discover what works uniquely for them on their life’s journey.


Shlomit’s mission has been to create the blueprint for a sophisticated yet healthy lifestyle filled with abundance and well-being. During her former journey in the design & fashion industry Shlomit strived for a more balanced life, which led to the wellness and nutrition industry.  Shlomit recognized that her energy is impacted by the food she consumes and daily life choices; therefore, the best lifestyle for her is one that’s abundant and conscious of both body and mind.  She hopes that through sharing her vision in lifestyle and wellness people can experience a shift in their holistic and spiritual health. She is working to foster a community of people like her who are searching for inspiration, support, and a how-to guide to live a healthier and happier empowered life.