Day of the flush– Eat a no-fat diet. (e.g steamed chicken breast and rice)

At 4PM stop eating or drinking.

→At 8PM mix and drink:

8oz grapefruit juice with 1 Tbsp. Epsom Salt (ES)
It does not matter what kind of apple juice, mix ES until fully dissolved.

Within 1 – 2 hrs you may have a vigorous bowel movement. In any case;

→At 10PM mix and drink:

4 oz olive oil

4 oz red grapefruit juice

4 oz Classic Coke

Drink this 12 oz drink as best you can. Any olive oil will do. Immediately lie down – on right side and bring right leg up near chest for about 45 minutes. Just try to sleep through the night on right side close to fetal position. If it’s hard, try to take breaks and sleep on your back. (Don’t try to do anything after drinking, do all pre-sleep preparation before you drink the solution and be ready to head to bed the minute you finish drinking.)

→6AM repeat grapefruit juice and Epsom salts.

→10AM eat a fruit (E.g banana or an apple)

→12PM eat a light lunch. After lunch you could eat regularly.  


  • After the flush you would probably feel exhausted. It’s natural! Take the day to rest, the day after the flush you will start feeling amazing as your body eliminated what needed to be taken out. Congrats!
  • If you have an adversity to Classic Coke, it can be skipped (however it’s recommended as it’s easier to drink the solution, if you usually don’t drink coke then once in a lifetime it’s not an issue).
  • If adverse or sensitive to grapefruit, use lemon juice or other sour fruit juice.
  • If adverse or sensitive to olive oil, use any other edible, high grade safflower or any seed-oil.
  • Clear out your schedule on the 7th day as the Epsom salt produce a laxative effect and you will need to rest.