Allows minerals to draw out toxins from your body.


1 cup of Epsom Salt 

1 cup of Bentonite Clay

optional;on top of the ES cup you can add 2 drops of lavender essential oil for relaxation and mix it well.

Tip; put some of the bentonite clay muddy mixture you have prepared on your face and armpits.

Mix 1 cup of bentonite clay with water and stir it well to avoid clamps and then add it to the bath. 

Prepare a hot bath, once water is ready pour the 2 mixtures in the bath. Stay in bath for 20 minutes for maximum benefits.

Epsom salt is great for toxins elimination, it contains magnesium sulfate, an important mineral that helps balance the body’s many biological processes and helps to flush toxins from the skin. In addition to that its reducing muscles soreness and pain, will cause softer skin and will replenish the body with magnesium. 

Bentonite clay is great for detoxifying the body. The clay particle draws the toxins into the clay molecule. 

Make sure you are well hydrated before and after.